Four things about Marriage

Hey beauties!

It's amazing to think that yesterday my husband and I celebrated four years of marriage, gasp! Time is flying!
We had brunch, a couples massage, went to beach! It was just a fun filled day.
As an ode to out anniversary I decided to write about four things I've learnt about marriage so far. So read on and enjoy the pictures guys!

1. You are on the same team
OK so like any normal relationship you will have disagreements in your marriage relationship. However, those times is not for tearing your spouse down with name calling and low blows. It's a disagreement guys, try to get your points across without the fighting words. At the end of the day this person is still your life partner and your teammate, you're in this together. You don't want to wound your own team mate in argument because you were angry. Believe it or not after that argument has ended and you all move on those low blows will still affect your spouse whether they say it or not.

2. You control the level of fun!
In order to survive and live the lives we want we know we have to grind at work and take care of daily things that are absolutely necessary. With that said, it is so easy to focus on those things and forget to add a date night or a moment just for you two. Both people have to be actively sustaining to funness (definitely not a word) in the marriage and it could be the simplest things. We love grocery shopping together and binge watching TV shows. No matter what you consider fun just be intentional about getting it in there because work and school can easily consume your time. Although those things at important, the happiness in your marriage is priority!

3. We are still Individuals
Some people believe that after marriage you lose yourself. False! you are still yourself after marriage and you will continue to grow into who you are. There are things Robert likes that I'm not necessarily interested in and vice verse. We support each other being all God created us to be. We are ok with each other stepping away enjoying those things we enjoy individually. After that we can come together and have more things to talk about. It all works out for the better of the marriage.

4. It is Amazing!
This generation has so many negative things to say about marriage, but that's because they haven't seen it done right. It's amazing to think that all through life you will have someone there doing it with you. That through ups and downs, good days and bad that person is there to laugh with you and cry with you. I honestly cannot put into words how awesome this thing is. God was so genius when He created this to show the relationship with Him and the church. That leads me to say that putting God first is of utmost importance, He will then mold you to be who your spouse needs you to be.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and got some insight from it.
Let me know what you think below!

Be Blessed


  1. Great post! Everything you said is so true <3 Love your blog btw

    1. Hey Jenniffer! Thank you sooo much for stopping by! I'm glad you got something from it <3

  2. Awww! I absolutely enjoyed this post! The pics were so bomb! I appreciate the insight and tips i can take away from this as a single! Loved it!

    1. Thank you Melissa! Thanks for stopping by again, I love the comments! Yes, these things can definitely be applied to any relationship ;-)

  3. I finally get to sit down and read your blog post!! And how fitting was it that the first one I got to read is about marriage! Awesome post!

    1. Fitting indeed! Hope it helped. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Great article, I just love your blog! I enjoyed reading it. Happy Anniversary!!

    Camille :)


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