Super Green; and Seek!

Hello Beautiful people,

Feels good to be writing!
All is well, Life is good because God is good. A LOT of school work, but I'm getting through it!
Im truly enjoying married life! I won't even do the cliche, "oh it has its bad days, but We're making it through", lol. Yes we fight, duh, who doesn't, but we make our marriage what is it, we can either focus on the good times or the testing times. Lol, I know there's someone who has been married for like 10+ years saying, " Oh, so young and precious, you'll learn". I'll stick with this mind set though!

 photo 4d1e8bba-ce8e-4f01-b1a3-094d503ebb46_zpsb0799f42.jpg

Top: Gift from JCPenny
Skirt: GoodWill $3 bucks ya'll! Does it just seem SUPER green to you all, it does to me, Lol
Stockings: Walgreens
Shoes: Gift, old!

 photo ba3df492-4889-4e4e-972e-3a6100d301f3_zpsa7b1912d.jpg

 photo 1f966b06-9fc6-45d3-a40d-fd63cc04a16b_zpsbc8f3377.jpg

I want to share with you a scripture:
Psalms 14:2 
The Lord looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God. 
So many things are trying to distract us today, but we cant allow it. we have to make sure our spiritual eyes are wide open  so that when God looks down (which He always is), He sees that you are one of the ones seeking Him.

How have you all been?
Tell me How you all deal with things that try to take your focus off of God?

Be Blessed
You are Beautiful


  1. Glad to see you're back writing again. I just got back myself. I've been having to readjust after starting my new job last week. Your styling is so classy btw :-)...I turn off all the avoidable distractions, tv, internet for a while. I usually can hear God best and have some of my best ideas in the silence.

    1. Hey Ele, thank you so much! It's great that you do that, it really draws us closer to Him!


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