One Picture, Lol!

Hey everyone!

Hope all is well! Things are sort of Normally out now, Robert started back work and I'm back at school. God has been so good and has been teaching me so much. I knew that marriage was going to bring me closer to God, somehow I just knew, lol. It's teaching me to be selfless which is the ultimate Christlike trait. I haven't gotten back into the groove of posting outfits yet, I have to work on that. I do want to start adding my recipes again because I just love cooking and it's even mo fun now that I can cook for my husband and have him praise( not like to God, all glory to Him) me, Lol!

I haven't gotten my wedding pictures yet, well I got them, but online. They should be coming in the mail soon! I manage to get one picture, but it has the proof sign on there as you all can see. When I get them officially I will share more. This is one of my faves, I can't wait to decorate my home with them all!

                                            photo caedf4d3-f477-46b2-aeea-1894bdd16c2b_zpsef0ad2b8.jpg

I just have to share this scripture, God has really been talking to me through His word.
Romans 15:3
"For Even Christ pleased not himself; but as it is written, The reproaches of them that reproached thee fell on me" 
Let's put others first just like Christ out us before Himself!

Be Blessed
You are Beautiful


  1. How pretty! Congratulations. Hopefully we can both share marriage lessons that we r learning :)

  2. Hi there! I found your blog about a month ago when I was looking for Christian fashion bloggers. You've become one of the many bloggers out there who've inspired me to start my own. So thanks! I'm glad to see you're posting again, but I totally understand all the life changes lately. You look beautiful in your wedding picture! I look forward to seeing more =)

    1. Wow, super encouraging comment. Please give me your link when you start blogging!

  3. you look happy =) congrats girl!


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