Stress Management; Makeup Trial

Hey everyone, 
I hope all is well. Ok so,  I know it  seems like all I talk about is wedding planning, but that's what happening right now. We still have quite a bit to do and only a few weeks left, about 7 to be exact. I'm super excited for it to come, but now that it's down to the wire an It's a bit stressful. I know it's said that it's my day, but I actually care about eveyone's feelings and want them to be happy an I also want eveything to just be amazing on that day. I came across something on stress management, I wasn't looking for it, but it hd to be God. It just reminded me to take everything to God in prayer. Some things I have no control over, but God has control over EVERYTHING so why not take it to him to in prayer. 

I don't have any outfit pictures, but I did a little photoshoot (not a real one) with my husband to be one day so here are a few pictures!

Galaxy S3 Photoshoot

 photo c17cc631-77b2-4170-8b21-3e3ee8c74b44_zpse62af396.jpg

I had a hair and makeup trial yesterday which was pretty cool. I felt like those brides on TV and it makes eveything so much more real, this is really about to happen, I'm going to get married!!
I really don't wear makeup so I wanted something that was really natural and I think the makeup artist did a good job of doing that. 

So I just wanted to do a little update and remind anyone who are in stressful situations to just take everything to God in prayer!!!

Philippians 4:6
Be careful for nothing; but in everything by PRAYER and SUPPLICATION with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Be Blessed
You are Beautiful


  1. Aww you two are such a cute couple!

    The hair and makeup trial is a great time for a bit of pampering and a good chance to relax! I know wedding planning is stressful, but it will all turn out into a beautiful day celebrating your love :)

    Away From Blue

  2. I like you both. You two will be a very good couple. Avoid stress in the relationship. It is gonna be there no matter how hard you try to prevent them. These stress can lead to tensions, fights, and breakups. If you both ever get a chance then visit Canada and join this therapy - Float Therapy West Kelowna. Let me know what you think about it. :)

    Best Regards,
    John Roniq


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