What I've been Doing! Outfit: Wedding update: Birthday!

Hey everyone, 

It's so good to be back. Sorry for the Hiatus. It's crack down time for wedding planning and I'm trying to get everything done by the end of June. 

What Have I been up to:

My fiance is the game master so we planned a Bridal party game night, bride team vs. groom team. We had a blast. We played indoor games like taboo and dance central. Lol, I actual  participated in the dancing part, some of the moves are not as easy as they look, that's all I'll say, but super fun! Even though I can dance I was a little shy because of Robert's grooms men, but they're pretty cool and laid back so I just went for it! The scores are tied right now. Our next game day will be outdoors with water games included, I'll definitely takes lots more pictures for you all. 

 photo dbcc928a-ac65-493f-963e-1983b2aab046_zps228e0799.jpg
                                     My talented fiance created these cute shirts for each team!

Memorial day was my birthday, Woooo!!!!! It feels great to be 22 and I thank God for another year. I prayed a special prayer to God just talking to Him about all the great expectations I have for this year! We had our church's annual Family day picnic also. It was great! I participated in the track and field competitions and I am in pain since I haven't ran in years and I haven't been working out. 
My hubby bought me a camera and a tripod so I can take my blog pictures myself, lol. He'll always be my number one photographer though.

Wedding Stuff:

  • My Dress is here, I tried it on and no alteration needed, Yes!!!  
  • Bridemaids dresses will be in this month!
  • I've been working on Roberts present, I can't say what it is because he read my blog, lol
  • Invitations are out! AND rsvp are coming in, a miracle!
  • Makeup trial tomorrow, I'm excited!!!

Here is what I wore Sunday:

Top: TJ Maxx
I fell in love with TJ Maxx again!!
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Marshall's

 photo 007f3ef7-e029-4582-9978-9d548d0c88db_zps4cc4e0e3.jpg

 photo dbf92acb-2917-4fa8-860f-f43e160dde2b_zps9b584961.jpg

I want to say a special special thanks to Jenna from freckled Fashionista blog for creating the beautiful header you see. You all should definitely go check out her blog. She is super sweet, loves God and she dresses cute!!

Thanks to everyone is joined my blog even while I wasn't posting, I;m so thankful for you all!!
You all can follow me on Instagram: @Chantal1127

Be Blessed
You are Beautiful


    1. Good luck with those wedding plans!! You look gorgeous!


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    3. love, love, LOVE that top! You look stunning!


    4. Hi. I love the white sparkly skirt you are wearing in the top pic. can you tell me where its from?


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