More Yellow!


Hope everything is well :-)
I'm well, I'm really enjoying blogging right now.

This is a late outfit post, I wore this on Sunday.
I just bought this cardigan on Saturday , it feel really good. This one will be reserved for church and This one will be for more casual outfits, lol.

Cardigan: New York and Company
Skirt: New York and Company
Belt: From a dress
Bag: Gift 

Ecclesiastes 7:12 All the labour of man is for his mouth, and yet the appetite is not filled. 

Reading this book has been so refreshing. We always hear that Christ is life and things like that, but this book really makes it register. I'm more persuaded to make Jesus the center of my life.

I'm actually  in class right now  watching a video of people piercing their foreheads and filling it with saline  just to be apart of something. Im like, What the heck?!?!?
It shows that people are always searching for something new and fulfilling. However, we will continue to search for something more until we have had a love encounter with Jesus Christ. Only Jesus truly satisfies.

Be Blessed
You are Beautiful


  1. Love this outfit! So look beautiful in that shade of yellow! :)

    Blessings, Prim

    1. Thanks!! I'm really trying to add more bright colors to my closet!'

  2. He alone satisfies!! Love the belt

  3. Loving your new canary yellow cardigan! Im finding that New York and Co has so many amazing pieces lately!


  4. This yellow cardigan looks great on you! And the belt is so cute =)


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