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Back with a Bump! Aldo X F21 X Walmart

Back like I never left! For those of you who do not know, I am preggo and super excited and blessed. However, pregnancy can be super draining so I've been on a break. 
Lately, I've been feeling motivated again so I thought I'd get back in the swing of blogging with this outfit. 

 Believe it or not I found this cute little dress at Walmart, What?!?! I've never bought clothing from Walmart, but with this pregnancy I grab what I can get that looks good. I refuse to buy maternity clothing. I love this dress because I know it will still flattering post pregnancy. 

The heels were a birthday present from my sis and they are surprisingly comfortable to walk in. Definitely looking forward to styling it in some more looks. 

For some reason I always want some pop of color or statement piece in my outfit. This bright yellow purse did that for me in this outfit. I love how compact it is, yet it fit all my necessities and then some. 
Dress: Walmart Heels: Forever21 Purse: Aldo via TJ Maxx

What do you all think about this outfit? Did it make my bump look pretty? Lol

Pineapples, Watermelon, Cocktails, Oh My!

Honestly where is the time going? August is pretty much over and summer is coming to a close. I'm definitely excited for Fall fashion even though Florida has only summer and your occasional cold front, lol. But while summer is still here, lets enjoy it.

Here's a little dress I picked up,  I thought it was so cute. It has watermelon, pineapple, ice cream, beach umbrella and flamingos. All the things that scream summer so I had to pick it up!

 These shoes guys are from Chinese Laundry, they are so comfortable. I love the color, according to Pinterest it is part of the pantone color scheme for Fall 2017 which is great.
Dress: TJMAXX Shoes: Chinese Laundry  Sunglasses: Lucky Brand
The dress is more of a silky material which was great when I wore it to a recent outdoor party because it kept me nice and cool!

Tell me what you all think of the ensemble! I'd love to hear!
How are you all spending your last days of summer?

Four things about Marriage

Hey beauties!

It's amazing to think that yesterday my husband and I celebrated four years of marriage, gasp! Time is flying!
We had brunch, a couples massage, went to beach! It was just a fun filled day.
As an ode to out anniversary I decided to write about four things I've learnt about marriage so far. So read on and enjoy the pictures guys!

1. You are on the same team
OK so like any normal relationship you will have disagreements in your marriage relationship. However, those times is not for tearing your spouse down with name calling and low blows. It's a disagreement guys, try to get your points across without the fighting words. At the end of the day this person is still your life partner and your teammate, you're in this together. You don't want to wound your own team mate in argument because you were angry. Believe it or not after that argument has ended and you all move on those low blows will still affect your spouse whether they say it or not.

2. You control the level of fun!
In order to survive and live the lives we want we know we have to grind at work and take care of daily things that are absolutely necessary. With that said, it is so easy to focus on those things and forget to add a date night or a moment just for you two. Both people have to be actively sustaining to funness (definitely not a word) in the marriage and it could be the simplest things. We love grocery shopping together and binge watching TV shows. No matter what you consider fun just be intentional about getting it in there because work and school can easily consume your time. Although those things at important, the happiness in your marriage is priority!

3. We are still Individuals
Some people believe that after marriage you lose yourself. False! you are still yourself after marriage and you will continue to grow into who you are. There are things Robert likes that I'm not necessarily interested in and vice verse. We support each other being all God created us to be. We are ok with each other stepping away enjoying those things we enjoy individually. After that we can come together and have more things to talk about. It all works out for the better of the marriage.

4. It is Amazing!
This generation has so many negative things to say about marriage, but that's because they haven't seen it done right. It's amazing to think that all through life you will have someone there doing it with you. That through ups and downs, good days and bad that person is there to laugh with you and cry with you. I honestly cannot put into words how awesome this thing is. God was so genius when He created this to show the relationship with Him and the church. That leads me to say that putting God first is of utmost importance, He will then mold you to be who your spouse needs you to be.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and got some insight from it.
Let me know what you think below!

Be Blessed

Buttom down Denim Skirt

Denim skirt, oh how I use to dislike thee, lol. I honestly grew to dislike denim skirts because they just looked too grandmaish   for me as my fashion sense grew, lol. 
It's 2017 and I'm glad they are coming back with some pizaz to them. I love the different shapes and styles and I'm currently hunting for a distressed one that's not too short. 
The buttons on this skirt is what caught my eye and I love the fit. I paired it with a simple cream top, sandals from steve madden and crossbody bag from Michael Kors.

How do you all feel about the denim skirt comeback?
Be Blessed Beauties

Fight Yourself

Proverbs 4:23
Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.

In our journey towards success, whatever that means to each of us, many times our greatest opponent is ourselves, our thoughts. In trying to elevate we can sometimes find ourselves questioning why we think we are good enough to reach the top and be a boss at whatever our God given niche is. It becomes a fight where we literally have to overcome those thoughts with good thoughts. 

Many times throughout this week I have had to combat thoughts of self denial. I have had to tell myself to keep going because there is in fact a prize at the end of all of the hard work.I just want to encourage us to guard the thoughts we harbor in our hearts. Guard it because as the word says out of those thoughts our lives are shaped. We are prompted to act based on what we think about ourselves. God thinks great things for us, so we indeed should do the same. No, you are not conceited or "big headed" if you think you will accomplish great things. With big thoughts you are simply aligning your mind with the mind of God towards you. 

Even with our wildest dreams and biggest desires we cannot out think Gods plans. Don't believe it? Then believe the word, Ephesians 3:20 "Now unto Him who is able to do exceedingly. abundantly more than we could ask or think, according to the power that works in us". Tell yourself today, "I will become my greatest self through Christ". Tell yourself again...and then again until you believe it with all your heart and until when those thoughts come you have the strength to dismiss them because you now believe God more than you believe yourself and the enemy.

Be Blessed beautiful people

Distressed denim pencil skirt with a pop of color

And We're Back! Today is the first day of summer which makes no difference here in Florida, but happy summer to everyone! We have this distressed denim pencil skirt with this pop of color in the form of an off the shoulder top. 

Top: I love the knitted hem detail on this top, it just makes it so flirty and fun. This top is incredibly comfortable and easy to put on. You know some of these tops with the unique cuts outs are sometimes difficult to get on, lol well at least for me anyway. It's nice and airy and perfect for summer that is already upon us. 

Distress denim skirt: I bought this skirt years ago! They are now becoming more popular so I'm glad I held on to this one. It hugs in all the right places without being too much. What I love about denim is that it can be dressed up or down. This outfit can easily be turned into something more casual with some flats or more dressy by throwing on a sleeveless vest. 

Purse: This pure is a noname brand that I picked up on my usual trip to TJ Maxx. What caught my eye is the gold stitching that is in the pattern. I love gold just in case you did know I'm slightly obsessed with everything gold!

Nude Heels: You just can't go wrong with a pair of strappy nude heels ladies. whether causal, semi casual or super dressy these just work. It blends in very nicely with this outfit and I love it. 

Sunglasses: These are an essential summer item. It's awesome that they serve a purpose and make your outfit cuter at the same time. These Lucky brand sunglassess match my face shape very well and the nude color means I can wear it all summer long with any outfit.

Top: Monteau Bottom: Mall Heels: WShoes Purse: TJ Maxx Shades: Lucky Brand

I can see myself wearing this ensemble to brunch which I am also currently obsessed with.
What do you beauties think of this outfit and how would you style it differently?

Thanks for stopping by!

Our greatest fear

2 Timothy 1:6-7
This is why I remind you to fan into flames the spiritual gift God gave you when I laid my hands on you. For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

The line "our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measures" is literally the cry of our generation today. We were created with gifts to change this world. Some of us are fearful to begin, some of us don't believe in ourselves, some just don't want to put in the work. We have allowed the voice and tactics of the enemy to buffet us. We have slept and now we're coming to awake to find that this life or death battle is still being fought weather we participate or not. Only our post is fallen because we didn't stand watch.
Time is going by so quickly and there are so many areas that need to be impacted. Let's not leave this earth with all the greatness left inside of us, that would be a tragedy. Let's pray and seek the face of our God concerning what He designed us for and push to become those things. Don't die with everything left in you. Pour it out on your school, your job, your household, your community, the world. Do some soul searching and determine what things in your life are hindering you from being living in purpose, from being that world changer. For me personally, it's how I prioritize my time. I've been praying and I already see a difference. Get started everyone, The world is waiting. 

Be Blessed
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