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Super Green; and Seek!

Hello Beautiful people,

Feels good to be writing!
All is well, Life is good because God is good. A LOT of school work, but I'm getting through it!
Im truly enjoying married life! I won't even do the cliche, "oh it has its bad days, but We're making it through", lol. Yes we fight, duh, who doesn't, but we make our marriage what is it, we can either focus on the good times or the testing times. Lol, I know there's someone who has been married for like 10+ years saying, " Oh, so young and precious, you'll learn". I'll stick with this mind set though!

 photo 4d1e8bba-ce8e-4f01-b1a3-094d503ebb46_zpsb0799f42.jpg

Top: Gift from JCPenny
Skirt: GoodWill $3 bucks ya'll! Does it just seem SUPER green to you all, it does to me, Lol
Stockings: Walgreens
Shoes: Gift, old!

 photo ba3df492-4889-4e4e-972e-3a6100d301f3_zpsa7b1912d.jpg

 photo 1f966b06-9fc6-45d3-a40d-fd63cc04a16b_zpsbc8f3377.jpg

I want to share with you a scripture:
Psalms 14:2 
The Lord looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God. 
So many things are trying to distract us today, but we cant allow it. we have to make sure our spiritual eyes are wide open  so that when God looks down (which He always is), He sees that you are one of the ones seeking Him.

How have you all been?
Tell me How you all deal with things that try to take your focus off of God?

Be Blessed
You are Beautiful

Update and More pictures!!!

Hey Beautiful people,

Hope all is well, I'm doing well and happy. Well....I received my wedding pictures, all 915 of them! wow!
I don't even know how to choose from them. Right now I'm trying to decorate our home with them, I'll show you all what I do when I finally do that. I'm actually studying right now for an exam later, but my love posted a few pics on face so I thought I'd share them with you all. I just love the silliness of them and it reminds of how fun the day was. 

 photo fc89ce2a-dd7e-49ad-a71e-1608d90df32f_zpsb0a904ce.jpg
My lovely bridesmaids

 photo 1ef1f1cd-ea2e-48a4-b7c9-5275a7a59682_zps0969b220.jpg
Myself and the groomsmen, lol

I'm also in the process of thinking about my blog and making sure everyone understand what I am about. First, this blog will always be centered around Jesus seeing that He lead me to start it in the first place. There are also certain things that I believe in and that is that Christian women should take care of themselves including how we dress and taking care of our bodies. Mostly we need to be healthy in the inside, emotionally. So these are the things that my blog will be talking about in the future, with the aim of drawing closer to and bringing glory to Christ!

Colossians 3:17

And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, Giving thanks to Him through God the Father.

Have a blessed day everyone!
If you all have any questions for me please feel free to ask and also Welcome to the new people who have subscribed to my blog, I'm super excited to have you!

Be Blessed
You are Beautiful

Waiting and another Pic!

Hey beautiful people,

Hope all is well. Today I want to talk to you about something that's pretty difficult for us as humans to do and that things is to "Wait", wait on the Lord to be more specific. In a world where most things can be get at such a fast rate it can be hard to wait on the Lord and be of good courage. We know that God knows what's best and we know that If we wait we will get what we need and then some because our God just does things well. However, when we look at things like what other people have and circumstances we can become very impatient and sometimes doubt God and we don't want to do that. So today I'm encouraging US to trust in God for real and be still, wait and let Him do His things because He does them all well! Don't allow carnal things to cloud our minds and loose sight of the amazing things God is doing!

Psalms 27:14
Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and He will strengthen thine heart, wait, I say, on the LORD

Still getting my wedding pics together so here's my favorite pic of Robert and I on our honeymoon. We went to St. Lucia, such a beautiful place.

 photo e8f924b1-c565-4a59-9167-0c6061602df3_zps6a49046e.jpg

I'm planning to do a thrift store Hall soon so I can get some outfits up here for you all!

Let me know what you all think of this post, I love your comments and I'm open to suggestions!

Be Blessed
You are Beautiful

One Picture, Lol!

Hey everyone!

Hope all is well! Things are sort of Normally out now, Robert started back work and I'm back at school. God has been so good and has been teaching me so much. I knew that marriage was going to bring me closer to God, somehow I just knew, lol. It's teaching me to be selfless which is the ultimate Christlike trait. I haven't gotten back into the groove of posting outfits yet, I have to work on that. I do want to start adding my recipes again because I just love cooking and it's even mo fun now that I can cook for my husband and have him praise( not like to God, all glory to Him) me, Lol!

I haven't gotten my wedding pictures yet, well I got them, but online. They should be coming in the mail soon! I manage to get one picture, but it has the proof sign on there as you all can see. When I get them officially I will share more. This is one of my faves, I can't wait to decorate my home with them all!

                                            photo caedf4d3-f477-46b2-aeea-1894bdd16c2b_zpsef0ad2b8.jpg

I just have to share this scripture, God has really been talking to me through His word.
Romans 15:3
"For Even Christ pleased not himself; but as it is written, The reproaches of them that reproached thee fell on me" 
Let's put others first just like Christ out us before Himself!

Be Blessed
You are Beautiful

Update: I'm back and Married

Hello Everyone!!!!

OMG, it has been so long hasn't it. I feel good being back and writing. Some of you know the reason I was away so long, I was in the process of planning my wedding which was on August 3rd. I didn't expect to be so consumed to the point where I wouln't get to write, but that's what happened, however I never forgot about blogging. SOOOO, my wedding was amazing in my eyes. I felt beautiful, My groom was super handsome, my family was there, my bridesmaids were beautiful and it was just a wonderful day. I was told by women who got married before that the day goes by very fast and I can now attest to that, it's so true. Some days I sit and think and I wish I could to it over just so I can take everything in some more! But it was a beautiful day. I truly enjoyed myself. I had so many wonderful people who helped to make the day amazing.
We honeymooned in St. Lucia for six days which was amazing!! 
Anyway this was just a little update and annoucing that I am back. 
I'm officially a MRS!!!!
I want to thank all my readers who are still here!!!
I will be sharing pictures and things like that soon so stay tuned Beautifuls!!

You know I always have to talk about the Lord because He is my everything. Serving the Lord can be difficult at times and I can't tell you what will happen, but all I can say is that it is WORTH IT!! Whatever you may go though it is WORTH IT. It pays to serve Jesus. I received this from a conference back in June.

You all can follow me on Instagram: @Chantal1127

Stress Management; Makeup Trial

Hey everyone, 
I hope all is well. Ok so,  I know it  seems like all I talk about is wedding planning, but that's what happening right now. We still have quite a bit to do and only a few weeks left, about 7 to be exact. I'm super excited for it to come, but now that it's down to the wire an It's a bit stressful. I know it's said that it's my day, but I actually care about eveyone's feelings and want them to be happy an I also want eveything to just be amazing on that day. I came across something on stress management, I wasn't looking for it, but it hd to be God. It just reminded me to take everything to God in prayer. Some things I have no control over, but God has control over EVERYTHING so why not take it to him to in prayer. 

I don't have any outfit pictures, but I did a little photoshoot (not a real one) with my husband to be one day so here are a few pictures!

Galaxy S3 Photoshoot

 photo c17cc631-77b2-4170-8b21-3e3ee8c74b44_zpse62af396.jpg

I had a hair and makeup trial yesterday which was pretty cool. I felt like those brides on TV and it makes eveything so much more real, this is really about to happen, I'm going to get married!!
I really don't wear makeup so I wanted something that was really natural and I think the makeup artist did a good job of doing that. 

So I just wanted to do a little update and remind anyone who are in stressful situations to just take everything to God in prayer!!!

Philippians 4:6
Be careful for nothing; but in everything by PRAYER and SUPPLICATION with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Be Blessed
You are Beautiful

What I've been Doing! Outfit: Wedding update: Birthday!

Hey everyone, 

It's so good to be back. Sorry for the Hiatus. It's crack down time for wedding planning and I'm trying to get everything done by the end of June. 

What Have I been up to:

My fiance is the game master so we planned a Bridal party game night, bride team vs. groom team. We had a blast. We played indoor games like taboo and dance central. Lol, I actual  participated in the dancing part, some of the moves are not as easy as they look, that's all I'll say, but super fun! Even though I can dance I was a little shy because of Robert's grooms men, but they're pretty cool and laid back so I just went for it! The scores are tied right now. Our next game day will be outdoors with water games included, I'll definitely takes lots more pictures for you all. 

 photo dbcc928a-ac65-493f-963e-1983b2aab046_zps228e0799.jpg
                                     My talented fiance created these cute shirts for each team!

Memorial day was my birthday, Woooo!!!!! It feels great to be 22 and I thank God for another year. I prayed a special prayer to God just talking to Him about all the great expectations I have for this year! We had our church's annual Family day picnic also. It was great! I participated in the track and field competitions and I am in pain since I haven't ran in years and I haven't been working out. 
My hubby bought me a camera and a tripod so I can take my blog pictures myself, lol. He'll always be my number one photographer though.

Wedding Stuff:

  • My Dress is here, I tried it on and no alteration needed, Yes!!!  
  • Bridemaids dresses will be in this month!
  • I've been working on Roberts present, I can't say what it is because he read my blog, lol
  • Invitations are out! AND rsvp are coming in, a miracle!
  • Makeup trial tomorrow, I'm excited!!!

Here is what I wore Sunday:

Top: TJ Maxx
I fell in love with TJ Maxx again!!
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Marshall's

 photo 007f3ef7-e029-4582-9978-9d548d0c88db_zps4cc4e0e3.jpg

 photo dbf92acb-2917-4fa8-860f-f43e160dde2b_zps9b584961.jpg

I want to say a special special thanks to Jenna from freckled Fashionista blog for creating the beautiful header you see. You all should definitely go check out her blog. She is super sweet, loves God and she dresses cute!!

Thanks to everyone is joined my blog even while I wasn't posting, I;m so thankful for you all!!
You all can follow me on Instagram: @Chantal1127

Be Blessed
You are Beautiful

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